2021 CTF — Reverse Engineering Malicious Code

Welcome to the first edition of the Malienist CTF in collab with HCKSYD. Registration OPEN.


First Prize: MacBook Air
Second Prize: Apple AirPods Pro + All-new Echo Show 8
Third Prize: Apple AirPods Pro

Lots of swag to be won as well — register for more details!

Skill level: Beginner to Intermediate

The files in this CTF may not execute in automated sandboxes and for most of them dynamic reversing might not work. For some samples though, changing the code and dynamically reversing it could speed up the capture process! The idea is to use your skills and reverse engineer in order to capture the flags. However, there are no limits — use your imagination, any hack that works is good!

Key points:
This is a malware reverse engineering CTF

  • There are ten challenges in the CTF
  • The CTF will run for 72 hours
  • Files used in this CTF have malicious code — use in the right environment
  • YOU are completely responsible for ALL actions and consequences of running these files for analysis
  • If you do not have a safe environment to analyse these files, DO NOT participate in this CTF challenge
  • Do not upload to VT!
  • Open only for individuals, no teams in this edition
  • Have fun and Goodluck!


This CTF is only open to individuals, teams are not allowed in this edition.
All communication will be through email you register through this form. Winners will be requried to provide a valid postal address so that the prizes can be posted to them.



> There are 10 challenges.

> You need to find the flags in all ten challenges in order to win the CTF.

> The flags start with ‘malienist-’ and are followed by random characters in most challenges (if it doesn’t, then the challenge will clearly state that).
Eg. malienist-3570hkjbafy935%

> First person to complete the challenge wins the CTF.

"Sometimes things are simpler than they appear..." - unknown hacker

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