Varg — Payload Decryptor

Decryptor tool for AES-encrypted payloads

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What is Varg?

Varg is a tool written in PowerShell that helps you decrypt data that has been encrypted using AES encryption. The most common application we see in the cyberSec world is malicious scripts that are dropped on victim machines in the for of encrypted payloads that execute malicious code once decrypted.


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You’ll need to first extract the encrypted payload from the first stage malware (usually a vbs/js) and save it as a text file. Absolute path of this file will need to be passed to the tool along with the key and it’ll decrypt the payload and save the decrypted file as ‘decrypted.txt’ in the current directory.


Save the encrypted data in a text file as 'encrypted.txt' in the current dir.Run the tool (double-click).Provide the key (in the full form, eg. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16).The decrypted payload is saved in the current dir as 'decrypted.txt'.All done.

The Key Length

If you’re wondering where do you get the key length from, it’s a valid question, albeit with a simple answer. The malware writer has to include the key in the dropper for the the code to run successfully. The code simply wouldn’t run without it. So usually, they include the key right in the end, after the encrypted payload. They make sure its not very obvious to spot but nonetheless, it is there. Something like this: -k (1..16).


This is what a typical encrypted malicious code set would look like:

Run Varg:

Just dbl-clk on the icon.

Provide the key length:

All done!

Open the ‘decrypted.txt’ file and the decrypted payload will be there. You’ll need to clean it up but the main IOC info should stand out right away:

Please feel free to download and report bugs or feature requests on the github repo or in comments.

Main functions used in the code for Varg:

  • System.Runtime.InteropServices.Marshal: used for memory management
  • SecureStringToBSTR: used to convert the secure string to decrypted data
  • ConvertTo-SecureString: used to convert the encrypted data into secure string

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